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Post by Dark Link on Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:09 pm

1. Respect all players.
2. Don't prop spam.
3. Adverts must be specific.
4. Do not rdm [random killing.
5. Do not break nlr.
6. Kidnapping: you can do it to the same person every 10 min and
bail is set to 50k max or you have to wait 30 min or the kidnapper can kill
you if he just feels like it and if you didnt pay.
7. Mugging: you can only mug 10k and the minimum time limit is 5 sec.
8. you must advert all illegal activity.
9. you must advert if you are countering.
10. do not shoot flying staff members.
11. do not shoot in admin sit or in admin jail.
12. PD must stay in PD while purge [if gamemode is purge].
13. mayors can only own pistols.
14. mayor's gaurds and only be this job if there is a mayor and
they cannot enforce laws.
15. gundealers have to have a shop and can only base with security or
other dealers.
16. Raiding: max 10 min time limit and you can only raid the same place
every 10 min.
17. do not prop climb.
18. do not admin disrespect.
19. do not rda.
20. Please message at me if you have any rules that i should appy at whiteseacow on steam Very Happy
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