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Mod Application

Post by Banana on Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:45 pm

Full Name: Noah Baumgart


How long have you played on this server[estimate]:1 hour will play more!

Total logged Hours on gmod:1293

Reason:first of all the main reason is i want to help the server out the server i was head admin on just had so many staff and i felt it would be better helping a different server get popular and become a very fun server for every one and maybe get more people to join, anyways i feel like all servers deserve to be popular most people don't notice new servers most people just go to a different servers to become staff easily i really enjoy this server but i mainly want the community to grow and develop and i am sure alot of people want it to grow to i also like the nice friendly staff and would like to become one of those friendly staff too and i would enjoy a new experience of helping a server out and enjoying my time.

Have you ever been banned: no

If so what for:

Have you every been admin: Yes head admin and mod.

If so what servers [list a few]: Tesla gaming and fruit gaming

Other Comments:


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